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What we are seeking

In time we hope to set up a collection process for digital archive: watch this space if you have film and video records.

The material could include items from other countries, from Remain campaigners and pro-EU groups, and material from the EU itself (eg the Raspberry Ice Cream War). We want to tell the full story. It’s a big one.

Please do remember some key details though. In particular, whatever is donated needs to come with a donation record. You can find that on a separate page on this website: just print it out, fill it in, and put it with the items. If there is more than one item and story to tell, then please fill out more than one form. We want to capture as much of the history as possible.

The following list is not exhaustive but might give you some ideas of what to look for in your loft;

  • Relevant photographs
  • Unique items, for instance, a draft speech from the Maastricht debate
  • Symbolic items like placards, badges, posters, and campaign rosettes
  • Personal items that come with a story
  • Items associated with an event, such as a folding desk and associated street stall display from a specific campaign visit

Archives and printed literature, some of which would be important enough to go on display, could include

  • Personal correspondence
  • Diaries
  • Books on the EU
  • Pamphlets
  • Campaign literature

Please do

Please don't

You’ll find donation drop-off points listed under Where to Contribute. Look for the nearest one and pop them a line to arrange to drop by when you are in the neighbourhood. Don’t forget to add a short donation record (see below) to capture the background. Feel free to type up a tale if there’s more to tell.

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