Where to contribute items

Here you can find the various collection centres across the country which will be delighted to welcome your donations of pictures, documents, memorabilia, and ephemera – things both for display in the museum but also held for researchers in the backroom archives.

Please drop a line first to the relevant email linked to below, and say what you have. This will help us reduce duplication. Much more importantly, this way you can arrange a mutually convenient drop off time in advance rather than possibly waste a trip.

The list is growing but there are at the moment still a lot of gaps. Ideally, we’d love a drop-off point in every county. Perhaps you might volunteer to help us out by filling one of them locally if you have a bit of shed space?

Of course, make sure you have printed off and filled in the record sheet and attached it to your donation – the form can be found here. It will save a lot of time later, and ensure the historical significance and context of all the items are fully recorded for posterity.

Additionally, the following organisations are signed up nationally to the collection scheme;

Bruges Group
The Freedom Association
Democracy Movement

If you are a member of one of these, you can alternatively contact it in advance of any public meeting that is being held locally, to liaise over a possible handover.

Those engaged in the historic campaign by trade union campaigners can also help or arrange a drop-off by contacting here.

If you have for instance a large library in the EU that you no longer have space for, or have found a copy of the Magna Carta in your attic, please contact us directly below.

Contact us

Media Office:

Telephone: 07879339509
Email: gawain.towler@museumofbrexit.org

Media Office:

Telephone: 02077769011

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