The proposed site

What might the museum physically look like? It’s a natural question.

A great deal of work has gone into mapping out the ‘through narrative’ – the background detail of what needs to be covered as the visitor journeys through the rooms, so we can tell a coherent and comprehensive story. One that’s fair and balanced, informative and engaging.

Here’s a concept layout, looking at how to develop a particular site that shows notable promise – if we can fundraise to get it or something like it.  Our layouts will change based on the specific building we purchase. 



Our ambitions are modular, scaled to what we can fundraise for. So for example, where there is space for sharing a building we might take on just a part of it that meets our minimum size requirements, if that’s where our donation levels take us.

We do though have a lot of stories to tell around the deep history of what’s shaped our nation and our identity, and a lot of teaching material that used to be on the national curriculum decades ago but has fallen off since. We’d also prefer to be in a location that’s easier to get to by transport infrastructure. We could put something together in a shed in Shetland, but it would be a big lost opportunity. Our initial priority on simply saving items at risk of being lost has resulted in a collection worth displaying. Hence our need for fundraising.

If we can raise enough to get the full square footage, our ambition includes generating a Special Relationship Gallery as part of our reflections on Global Britain. This could also act as a hub for visiting friends of the UK who are over from the United States. UK-US relations have had many startling and surprising ups and downs across the centuries, and much of the history is little known. But the alliance remains a cornerstone of the West and deserves better understanding – and indeed fostering.

Drop us a line if you are interested in donating. We’re a registered charity.