The Museum of Brexit

The making of Brexit is more than just about what happened in a few months in 2016. It is about the deeper story of our country and its institutions, democratic traditions, and grassroots rebels – a saga going back two thousand years.

Brexit has made history

The Brexit referendum of 2016 was one of the key historical turning points of our lifetimes. There is a tremendous story behind this that deserves to be preserved. Unless we act, much of it will be lost. Gaps will then be filled with misperceptions, fake news, and myth.

Our objective is to plug that gap at the time when it is easiest, right now while memories are fresh, attics are still filled with treasures, and before items and stories get lost.

The museum is the heart of the proposal and its main public space. It explains not just about what happened in 2016 (it would be quite boring if that’s all it did), but the deeper historical context and how the UK came to be the way it is – including areas that tend to get skipped on the national curriculum.

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Educational resources

The story of Brexit is a complex one. The central spotlight of course falls on the history of the UK’s membership in the evolving European Union. It is a story of political intrigue, grassroots activism, selfless service, and bold rebels – on both sides of the divide.

But it also involves exploring important issues that underlie Sovereignty, Democracy, Good Governance, Trade, and continental power. At play, there is a far deeper history. There is an enduring thread that prompts us to reflect on who we are as a nation, our shifting relationships with our neighbours, and difficult choices that have previously lain before us. 

Help us tell that epic tale.

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