John Mills​

"The June 2016 EU referendum marks a crucial turning point in the UK’s history and it is surely right that it should be marked by bringing together a comprehensive collection of all the materials and artifacts used to fight the closely fought referendum battle."

Rt Hon the Lord Lawson of Blaby

“The debate about the United Kingdom’s evolving relationship with its neighbours, and its place in the world, has been of critical national significance. We need to capture those records and stories for posterity.”

Sir Bernard Jenkin, MP

“Brexit was the culmination of years of campaigning on the future destiny of our nation. A museum, library and archive will be a vital record of Euroscepticism and the grassroots campaigners behind it. There is much more to emerge about the true history of Brexit than is accepted as the...

Rt Hon Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP

“The process of achieving Brexit has been long, often tortuous and very difficult. I think it is very important that all of this, the trials, the tribulations, the great speeches, those moments of crisis and expectation, and the joy of the eventual decision should all be recorded. This is both...